Professional Auditors and Accountants in UAE

Looking for accountants and auditors? We have listed some of the top auditors from Dubai.

UAE is a hub of companies and industries,Guest Posting and this gives rise to the demand for auditors and accountants. People from different countries settle in the UAE to fulfill this high demand. It is known to have one of the highest numbers of companies that are involved in the auditing and accounting process.

Auditing and accounting companies are professional accountants who help their clients maintain their business transactions accurately and systematically, and in accordance with the rules laid out by the government. They help businesses pay their taxes on-time and also are involved in detailed financial analysis. The auditors are trained to guide the companies on how to handle probable risks, devise plans, and make sound business decisions.

Leading Auditors Companies in UAE
In the UAE, many world-class accounting firms provide all kinds of accounting and auditing services. From ATNInfo we have listed 7 best firms which will be convenient for you:

ACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts
This is a prestigious firm in Dubai, offering all types of accounting and business counsel for their clients. The firm manages all your financial issues, leaving you with the freedom to focus your attention on other areas of your business. It considers you more as a business partner and is always at your service. Their valuable services are sought by many clients, who find it tough to cope with the changes in the market. The firm ensures the financial records of its clients are compliant with regulations, and efficiently manages all the risks faced by them.

Alfa Management Consultant FZE
This is a well-known management consultancy run by a group of professionals, who are experts from various fields. With about a decade of experience, the firm serves all types of clients from GCC countries, the Middle East, USA. Asia, Europe, and Africa. The company has gained specialized experience in Europe, India, along with UAE Government laws and Free zone regulations in the UAE. With their expert advice, they help many new investors and international companies establish new businesses. They provide valuable support to overseas firms for their business activities in the UAE. Besides, they also help their clients learn about the risk factors, knowing market strength, and help them make strategic decisions.

Apex Auditing
Apex Auditing is a fast-growing firm of young professionals, who dedicatedly serve their clients, offering them all the accounting and taxation solutions. Their team believes in maintaining the principles of integrity along with good ethics in all their dealings with customers. The firm covers all aspects of accounting in its services, such as forensic audit, internal audit, statutory audit, together with other financial issues. They assist the clients in preparing MIS report, making feasibility analyses, and devising strategies for their business.

Coast Accounting & Auditing
It is one of the leading accounting and audit companies in the UAE who advise their clients in establishing their businesses and maximize their efficiency and productivity. They solve the problems of funding required by their clients and guide them about all available fund sources. Their experienced team helps their customers comply with the legal requirements of the UAE banks, free zone authorities, and other government departments. They also provide counsel about the right software that will suit the needs of their clients.

HAY Management consultants
With an experience of more than ten years, HAY Management Consultants provides various accounting services like bookkeeping, VAT, Cloud accounting, and payroll to numerous clients in Dubai. Their professional advice has helped many clients to be efficient in their tax dealings and run their businesses smoothly. Through their expertise in all accounting matters, they help their clients to cut down their costs and save money.

Husain Alhashmi Auditing of Accounts
This reputed company in Dubai is offering a wide range of services to clients such as VAT consulting, bookkeeping, payroll services, tax consulting, and auditing. The firm has gained a lot of experience in the accounting field and maintains very high standards of quality. Through their sincere service, their clients have learned to trust them completely in all financial and business matters.

Hussain Al Shemsi Chartered Accountants
This firm, formed by experienced chartered accountants, takes care of all accounting needs and offers services like tax consulting, VAT consulting, bookkeeping, etc. They are approved and registered with the UAE Ministry of Economic Department, and can thereby cater to clients in all the seven emirates in the UAE. They are proficient in statutory audits, and their experienced auditors ensure that business organizatio

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Top 7 Account Auditing Companies in Dubai

Looking for professional account auditing firms in Dubai? Here we have mentioned some of the top firms in UAE.

Accounts and auditing companies help companies to take care of all their financial and business issues,Guest Posting such as company formation, maintaining books of accounts, conducting an audit, developing strategies, improving the performance of the company. They ensure that everything is as per the accounting and tax regulations.

Dubai has many world-class professional accounting and auditing firms that cater to various clients all over the region. Selecting an auditing company is crucial as it directly impacts the performance of the company.

Top Accounting Auditing Companies in Dubai
The following are the best accounting firms which will help you in choosing one:-

1- Abacus Accounting and Auditing

It is one of the top-notch accounting firms in the UAE and has received the ISO 9001:2015 certification. The firm offers exceptional advice to its clients on all business matters and helps them to achieve their goals by making sound financial decisions and in cutting costs. The skilled team of Abacus provides various services such as external and internal audit, preparing and filing VAT returns, making financial reports, etc. It also empowers its clients by training them about the latest VAT rules and procedures.

2- ACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts

ACS Majdi Auditing of Accounts is a prestigious firm, offering accounting services to many companies in the UAE. They work with varied organizations to see whether their financial transactions are accurate and comply with the laws. The firm’s experienced team offers its services round the clock to provide advice regarding all financial and business matters. They help their clients to concentrate on running their business while taking care of all their accounting issues. ACS operates from its two offices, one in Dubai, and the other in Abu Dhabi.

3- Affiniax AAS Auditors

Affiniax AAS Auditors is an innovative firm offering professional accounting advice to many of its clients in both UAE and other international companies. By applying the latest methods, the firm tries to help each of its clients to reach their objectives of profit and growth. Affiniax takes into consideration the goals of its customers and guides them to achieve them. Their team has got many years of international experience and is always eager to embrace modern technology. It offers personalized service to its clients and can adapt as per the changes in the market.

4- Al Ansari Accounts & Auditing

Al Ansari Accounts & Auditing, based in Abu Dhabi, is a very experienced firm that provides professional accounting services to its clients in the UAE. Since 2000, the company has helped many of its clients attain their goals by providing them reliable, professional accounting service. The firm undertakes internal and external audit for all firms and ensures compliance with the International Standards on Auditing. Al Ansari also provides support in company formation and other issues related to business. Its team of highly-qualified professionals helps its clients in matters like obtaining loans from banks and other issues like mergers or acquisition.

5- Apex Auditing

Established in 2013, Apex Auditing provides high-value financial and management advice to its clients. The team of Apex is young and very skilled and is dedicated to providing valuable services that surpass the expectations of their clients. The firm offers all kinds of accounting services required by businesses such as an internal or statutory audit. It also provides additional services like preparing MIS reports, devising strategies for growth, etc. It helps the clients to develop accounting systems and achieve proper internal control. Their efficient team also helps in company formation, and effectively uses its experience of dealings with government departments and knowledge of free zones in the region.

6- Coast Accounting & Auditing

This is a leading firm registered in Dubai and Sharjah, which provides auditing and other corporate services to various clients in the region. The firm helps its clients in setting up their businesses and provides them with all the services needed to run their firms efficiently and achieve growth. They advise on obtaining different types of funding, and also about preparing for VAT. The firm is one of the trusted company in the UAE on account of its sound financial and legal expertise

7- CBD Accounting & Tax Consultant

CBD Accounting & Tax Consultant is a well-known firm of chartered accountants having received ISO 9001-2008 certification. The firm’s team consists of professionals from many International Associations of Chartered Accountants such as Chartered Institute of Chartered Accountants (ACCA). They have more than a decade’s experience and keep themselves abreast of all the current developments regarding VAT, and all business matters. The staff keeps in touch with other experienced audit firms to benefit from their experience, and learn from them.

This list of carefully selected accounts and auditing firms will enable you to choose the right one for your business, and take care of all your financial matters. DCCIInfo is one of the best commercial online directories which is available for all. The index provides all the details of the best companies operating in Dubai, which can directly impact the grow

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